30 years ago, Wren became intrigued by the Runes. Over the years, she put her talents to engraving and eventually teaching the intricacies of this ancient symbol system. Examples of her work can be seen on the Myth & Magic site appended to her jewelry site, Wild Nature Theme Jewelry at www.wildnaturethemejewelry.com.

Wren has dedicated her life to a number of artistic endeavors, and was first recognized for her pen and ink drawings in the 60’s. From there she progressed to calligraphy. As The Village Scribe, she helped found Sea Scribes, a Monterey calligraphy guild. With the onset of computerized calligraphy, she re-directed her efforts to engraving in 1990, and continues to create her original works to this day. Wren presently lives in Austin, Texas, where a booming explosion of artists and musicians are being nurtured by its progressive outlooks.