Cedar J. Lockheart

"It is in the ambient, dangerous and in-between moments that I find my darkest, most vulnerable and intensely frightening modalities of self-expression."

Paul Cooper is an artist and academic currently working in the Department of Art and Music at Unisa. He holds degrees in Fine Arts (sculpture), Art History and Education. He is a follower of the ancient ways of Paganism and has adopted a personalized spiritual path of theistic Shamanic Luciferianism with a deep reverence for the natural world.

Cooper writes under the pen name of Cedar J. Lockheart. The dark narratives of horror, science fiction, suspense thriller and the magickal world of mythology, fantasy, the paranormal and the Occult feed his own personal interests in writing. Autobiography and non-fiction mix seamlessly with fiction in his work as he observes his immediate living contexts and mines personal experiences of situations and encounters with people in his mundane suburban world. From there he extracts the raw material to build his suspense-filled stories.

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