The Secret of the Stone Bridge

Named Fantasy Novel of the Year 2019 by Swedish Book Blogger

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Meet The Author

"Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere. -Albert Einstein "

In her bed at home in Bromma, Agnes wakes up with a jerk. Something has awakened her. Cautiously, she sneaks up to the window and peeks out from behind the curtain. The wind is blowing in the tree canopy outside the house and the darkness is compact. Suddenly something yellow gleams out from behind a little lilac bush. What is that? Agnes closes her eyes for a moment, then opens them again. The yellow light has gone.

In Nazaria, the dark despot is pacing about his black palace. Naz-Halham is furious. Once again, his emissary has failed. But now he is to receive his punishment. Tomorrow he will personally cut the man’s heart out of his chest and sacrifice it in the sanctuary brazier. A demonic smile crosses the increasingly insane king’s stiff lips.

The Secret of the Stone Bridge is the first part of the Legend of Amornia series. It is an exciting, imaginative story about kings, magicians, gods – and an ordinary girl who is destined to make a journey like no other. Follow Agnes and her grandmother on an adventure that brings them face to face with prophecy, evil and dire challenges.



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