Horror Anthology III: Altered Realities

You have entered a reality which is not all that it seems. A world different from your own, yet somehow strangely familiar..

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Meet The Author

You have entered a reality which is not all that it seems. A world different from your own, yet somehow strangely familiar…

Read if you dare, Thomas Malafarina’s novella And The Scales Fell From My Eyes and Reality Games by Tabitha Baumander.

Who better to provide a description of the book than Thomas Malafarina himself:

Altered realities; what exactly do we mean when we talk about altered realities? One definition I found for “alter” used as a verb is “to change or cause to change in character or composition, typically in a comparatively small but significant way”. Likewise one definition I found for reality was, “the world or the state of things as they actually exist”. Therefore all things being equal, altered reality would be reality that has been changed in some way. But in order for reality to be considered altered, we would have to have a handle on what reality actually is.

I have the honor of sharing the pages of this special anthology with author, Tabitha Baumander, a wonderful author in her own right. Tabitha is the author of such books as Wheel Within a Wheel, Blue Blood and Castle Doom.

As you read this anthology, you’ll notice my contribution to this anthology, a novella called, And The Scales Fell From My Eyes takes up a good portion of the book. This novella first appeared in my 2014 collection Malaformed Realities Volume 1, published by Sunbury Press. I’d like to offer my thanks to Brandon Mullins and Moon Books for sharing this with you. It’s a journey into altered realities based in part on some actual events which I personally experienced. For example, all of the research the character does when he finds himself plagued by seeing repetitive numeric sequences is the result of information I found on the internet when I started having similar experiences many years ago. Everything else thank goodness is fiction.

In the meantime, relax and open your mind to the possibility of worlds not yet perceived and enjoy this collection of tales of altered realities.


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