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"Three things can't be hidden for long: the sun, the moon and the truth! ---Siddartha"

Is the world so used to deceit and corruption that ‘truth’ doesn’t mean anything to anyone anymore?

At some point, things can only be forced to take their natural direction by simply talking about them and letting the world know things that might be things nobody is willing or expecting to hear but must be said. This book has been written because…

“Three things can’t be hidden for long: the sun, the moon and the truth!” Siddartha

…being the latter the one that has the most powerful effect to burn those things that try to hide it.  So how about burning down the lies and let the truth be known? I have always played with fire in my life, I am aware of the risks involved and I am not afraid of writing this book. Taking risks has always been part of my life.

My name is Alberto, and I am an information security professional. I have a story to share with you. It is a real story and includes hacking, secrets, lies, corruption, drugs, crimes, near-death experiences and the list continues. This is like the deep web, but it is not running on computer networks, it is part of the systems that control society, those that stablish the rules we are supposed to follow… unless we are outliers…

The media gave me the title of #Hacker and I took it to use it for noble purposes. I lost it all. Well, that is partially true, I kept something nobody could ever take from me, and that is my dignity. A bullet in my head might stop me, but even in that case, I am taking my dignity with me. I will share with you the dirtiest secrets of some people who have the benefit of not having to obey those rules set for the rest.


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