Podcasting Lessons from 15 Years in Podcast Hell as a Video Game Music and Movie Podcaster

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"My writing is quirky... just like me."

A seasoned and direct 101 to the podcasting industry, from a voice nearly two decades invested. No fluff, no sugar-coating, no notes that could steer anyone wrong in their intro to pod-world; be it in 2021 or 2011. A great hook for those finally exploring a line-in.” -Brock Wilbur, Author of “Postal” from Boss Fight Books

It seems like everyone has a podcast these days. In Podcast You Nerd! Podcasting Lessons from a 15 Years in Podcast Hell as a Video Game Music and Movie Podcaster, author Mat Bradley-Tschirgi draws upon his successes (Sequelcast 2 and Friends) and failures (The Super Koopa Troopa Show) to give rookie and veteran podcasters alike a leg up.

Part memoir and part podcasting tips, Podcast You Nerd! is a wild and wooly tale of creativity, ambition, and dumb luck that’s sure to set your podcast on the right foot.


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