Simply The Best

It’s the rare example of a book with something to offer to aspiring game developers, game scholars, and everyday fans alike.” Professor Jess Morrissette, Ph.D, Creator, The Video Game Soda Machine Project

Meet The Author

"My writing is quirky... just like me."

Video games are not born fully-formed from a dark abyss. They are created by designers,
writers, artists, sound engineers, and composers, only to be released by publishers
into world for critics and the general public to embrace or reject them.

In Simply the Best: Interviews with Video Game Designers, Composers and Scofflaws, author
Mat Bradley-Tschirgi interviews dozens of indie and professional designers who have worked
on such classics as E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, Fallout and Leisure Suit Larry in this
delightful tome.

Learn what older PC RPGs offered that modern RPGs don’t. Revel in tales of how the Roland MT-32
Sound Module allowed composers to create music that really came alive instead of the mere PC speaker
bleeps and bloops. Discover if Leisure Suit Larry is circumsized. All these knowledge nuggets can
be yours within the very pages of this book.


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