Strangely Compelling Science Fiction

A collection of compelling science fiction stories that might just also be… STRANGELY COMPELLING.

Meet The Author

“Sci-fi is the main thing.” I was told, “Compelling would be nice. Strange is only a suggestion.”

That set the wheels turning – and why not – since I’ve been a sci-fi fan my entire life! So I set out to look for stories that met these parameters – sci-fi that celebrates the weird, embraces the unusual, seeks to unscrew the inscrutable… and is… strangely compelling! If that’s what you’re after, you’ve come to the right place!

Along with two of my own stories, I’m pleased to present some strangely compelling sci-fi by a few talented, imaginative writers – namely H.G. Emert, Major Roxbrough, and Thomas M. Malafarina!


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