The Next Room

“The Next Room” (and “Duck Blind”, the companion-story to this novella) tells part of the same larger story of opposites from the perspective of a different set of characters in different dimensions and times!

Meet The Author

"I have little time for people who operate under the assumption that they are somehow more deserving, or better than others, especially me."

Things aren’t always as they seem. Neither was Andy Niksn.

Outwardly, Andy appeared to be the successful, respected, somewhat over-paid Captain of a commercial space liner. Andy loved his job, and not just because it paid well and the crisp white uniform gave him an opportunity to show off his assets – but also because it meant seeing his best friend Jim every day!

Trouble was, Andy felt trapped! He was in a relationship with Mandy Fringle – another colleague – a dead-end partnership that had no future and promised both even less happiness. Jim Sykes had never returned Andy’s affections – and on top of that, Jim had died recently, leaving Andy in the darkest place he’d ever been – and he didn’t mean space!

Andy, who felt that life had turned into a living, waking nightmare – wished he could just wake up to a different reality where everything could make sense again! It became something almost like a prayer!

As it turned out, someone heard him.


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