Shaky GTA Online Launch? Rockstar Dolls Out Half a Million GTA$ Stimulus Package

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to foresee launch issues on one of the biggest online titles of this gaming generation. Rockstar however has made quite a bit of headway in fixing the issues plaguing the Grand Theft Auto Online community, and I am happy to say that for me at least everything is working as expected.

Rockstar however has seen fit to gift all of us ‘early adopters’ of GTA Online a cool half a million GTA$. Given that purchases are restricted by level of player, you won’t find newbs running around with totally modded cars, weapons and so on, so I think this is going to work pretty well. The dosh infusion is expected to happen as soon as early next week, once they are sure the issues are sufficiently squashed.

Read more at Grand Theft Auto Online: Half a Million GTA$ Stimulus Package this Month @ Rockstar.

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