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Anna Petelle and Glenda Younger published their first book, Foothills Funny Business, in July 2020. They had such a good time; they wrote and published a second, Poison in the Piedmont, then without skipping a beat, wrote and published Fort Clement Felony. The Plot Hound Bookshop Mystery series takes place in a fictional small town named Fort Clement at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains and stars two lively retired teachers, Kate McCoy and Sharon Davis, and a bookshop called Plot Hound.

Fort Clement is a charming town with delightful characters and is considered The Gateway to the Blue Ridge. Unfortunately for the good citizens, evildoers often take center stage and wreak havoc by murdering community members. Much to the Police Chief Darrell Sanders’s displeasure, the amateur sleuths from the Plot Hound Bookshop solve the crimes. An array of interesting characters and a bit of romance pepper the story.

Foothills Funny Business hands the reader a serial killer. Three months, three murders, and the Plot Hound ladies find themselves in the crosshairs of the killer whose weapon of choice is a knife.

The poisoning of a beautiful bride during her wedding reception shocks the little town of Fort Clement. After the disappearance and possible poisoning of a beloved town doctor, and against Chief Sanders’s wishes, Kate McCoy and Sharon Davis from Plot Hound Bookshop piece together the puzzling events and trap the killer in Poison in the Piedmont.

In the latest offering from Plot Hound Mysteries, a rash of burglaries breaks in Fort Clement, causing the chief of police and his department sleepless nights. Fort Clement Felony places the ladies of Plot Hound Bookshop in overdrive and very much in Chief Sanders’s doghouse. Thrown into the mix are a couple of murders, a wealthy entrepreneur, and a quirky ornithologist.

A fourth Plot Hound Mystery is in the works.

Anna Petelle splits her time between a small town in Northwest North Carolina and a home in Illinois. She loves to travel, spend time with grandchildren, swim, and write Plot Hound Books.

Glenda Younger loves living in her small town. She enjoys downtown walking, her family, and her church. After her morning walk, she spends time in her office on Main Street, working with other authors, doing outside editing, and writing.

Both ladies have family members and friends involved with Plot Hound Mysteries either by sharing ideas, reading, or technical matters. One vital friend, Brandon Mullins from Moon Book Publishing, has been unbelievably fabulous with book covers, formatting, and publishing. It takes a kind and patient man to work with retired English teachers!

When asked why they write, both Anna and Glenda answered, “for fun.”

Anna Petelle & Glenda Younger

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