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When Darkness Calls” started out as a memoir of true-life events that occurred in December 2011 – events that involved real people, myself included. Yes – what I’m saying is that it was a true story – as a matter of fact, it’s my own recollection of events that occurred at that time.

“But wait,” I hear some of you say, “This is a supernatural story – like with poltergeists and stuff!”


Does that mean all that guff about spooks and things that go bump in the dark is true? Well, maybe. At least I think there’s some truth to it. I know I certainly didn’t imagine any of this.

And it’s true.

When Darkness Calls” is a difficult book – it was difficult to write and it’s difficult to explain. It always has been. I knew that when I first set out to write it back in 2012, but I accepted that as par for the course. Most people don’t believe me when I say this book is a true account – they think it’s all made-up fiction written to look like a true account – sort of a literary ‘Blair Witch Project’. But it’s not.

Initially “When Darkness Calls” appeared in early 2012 as a series of articles published in serial form on various blog sites. Later on, I condensed those articles into a single story around 2015. Then, in January 2020 I finally got round to turning it into a novella. I rewrote the story completely from beginning to end, line by line. It was published in February 2020 in eBook and also in paperback (Moon Books Publishing). The audiobook version has been released on Audible – narrated by Miciah Dodge.

When Darkness Calls on Audible

To understand the story itself as more than an assumed work of fiction, we need to look at a couple of things in the background.

The Scene:

The White House is a real place in Port Elizabeth, exactly as I described. I didn’t have any photos of the outside of the house itself, and I haven’t gone back to take some – and no, I’m not going to. There are a few photos of parts of the interior, as you will see in the gallery below.

The Characters:

All the characters in the story are written as the real actual people who were involved in the events described in “When Darkness Calls“. Yes I changed their names – and I did so because I didn’t want to get sued! I still have contact with one or two of these people, and I didn’t want to make them uncomfortable by giving them public exposure for their involvement in something that could probably become controversial.

It’s for the same reason that I didn’t include pictures in the story, because most of the pictures I took during these events featured parts of the actual characters – be it faces, or body-parts with tattoos that might identify them to mutual contacts in future.

The Evidence:

There’s a video I took on my phone, that shows a woman remotely operating a CD player across a room – without a remote! The change in volume of the playback is clearly audible – ostensibly due to some intangible, inexplicable action or power exercised by the woman in the video, as described in the story. Of course, there’s no reason for anyone to believe me when I say it was genuine – skeptics might claim the video had been tampered with, or that someone else not in view was operating the remote control for the CD player… except those who were there, who knew the appliance didn’t operate with a remote! Unfortunately, the video also clearly identifies the woman to anyone who knew me at that particular time – or anyone who knew her, so that also fits into the above category.

Below is a short collection of just a few photos that don’t fit into this no-go category:

This photo shows the floor tiles in the kitchen, and yes, that’s my right shoe in the lower half of the picture, to provide a sense of scale. The red splotch in the photo is the blood from Sandy’s mouth after she was struck in the face by an invisible force.
This is Tracey’s car taken shortly after we found it. She was lying on the grass to the right of it at the time. By this time, she was already in my car and we were making preparations to close her car up and leave it for later.
This was the message Tracey had left the previous night when she was attacked in her loft bedroom, drawn with her finger in the salt circle around the candle – “Help me”.
This was the actual jug-kettle that kept boiling all by itself. It had no switch or thermostat, it was a basic model that operated off the switch on the power outlet in the wall. The switch on the wall would have to be turned on to boil the water – and the kettle was rotated between wall outlets, and the strange phenomenon persisted.

This is just a sample of the evidentiary material that survived the events described in the book – there is still more. However, there was yet more material gathered by other members of our group, that was lost almost immediately after the matter was resolved, and under mysterious circumstances.

The Story:

To make up your own mind about these mysteries, you should read the story for yourself. Here’s the back cover bit to help push you closer to the edge of belief 😉 .

Buy now: eBook Paperback Ghosts. Hauntings. Disembodied voices. Malicious entities that make it their goal to destroy their victims utterly. The things that go bump in the night… They’re real.

Sometimes the most unlikely of people find themselves under attack by supernatural entities – and usually no-one will believe them. If they say anything, they risk becoming the butt-end of countless jokes about the paranormal. Worse still, some will place the blame for their predicament squarely on the victims themselves!

Who would help them? The church? A priest – or pastor? And if not, who else? Who would get involved?

Would you?

In the case of Tracey, it was her closest friend – and a small unlikely group of dedicated associates. Together they would face the awful darkness inside the mansion on the hill – the one people sarcastically called “the white house”.

Keep your eyes open for announcements of the release for the audiobook.

Until next time, keep reading!