Christina Engela’s Editing and Proofreading Service

Are you a writer? Looking for affordable professional quality proofreading and editing services? Worried about grammar, boo-boos and story flow problems crimping your writing style?

There’s nothing more embarrassing than having readers pointing out mistakes in your book – after all, it’s your pride and joy… isn’t it worth getting it right BEFORE you publish?

Want to whip your manuscript into the best possible shape before you make that big submission to a publishing company OR to self-publish?

Look no further! I do professional quality proofreading, editing and copy editing – and I specialize in fiction!

I am a native-born English-speaker and writer, and have 15 years of editing and proofreading experience! In addition, I’m a published author of 30 titles in fiction and non-fiction, and have also contributed articles to a wide range of international publications.

What is copy editing?
Copy editing is a more intensive kind of editing that goes beyond simply checking for basic spelling and grammar mistakes or word omissions, and involves revising writing style, sentence flow, word repetition and overall structure. Copy editing can involve some rephrasing of passages and reworking of complex sentences to improve readability or clarity. It can also mean detecting and correcting flaws in the storyline and contradictions in plot etc.

View a list of my previous editing projects.

What will it cost?
It takes an immense amount of time and effort to proofread, edit and correct other people’s work while staying as true to their original vision as possible. Given this, I feel my fees to proofread and edit/copy edit are quite reasonable:

Works of 40,000 words or less $50 (USD).
Novel-length works $100 (USD) per every 50,000 words.
Payments will be accepted via PayPal or in South Africa, bank to bank EFT – more details on enquiry.

Fees will be due on acceptance of the commission, before editing commences.

How long will it take?
A manuscript or work around 30,000 words should take about a week to edit. Anything 20,000 words or less should run into a few days – or even hours at most.

For a manuscript around 50,000 words, it should take me between 1 week, and a week and a half to complete an edit, double that for 100,000 words and so on.

A few reviews:

“Christina Engela is an excellent editor. She helped me open my mind to a different perspective, to see my work through the eyes of the reader. Most importantly she taught me more about writing than any teacher in my entire 12 years of education! I’d rate her at 100 out of 10!”

Anya Louw, author of “The Darkness Within Me” and “Normanwood”.

“I recently had the pleasure of an editorial experience with Ms. Engela. As an entry level author and with some trepidation, I submitted work to Ms. Engela for editing, uncertain of what to expect from the process. Ms. Engela read and corrected my work. Her approach is professional, encouraging yet precisely on point. There was not ever a need to query the work she did on my script. I was also particularly impressed with her turn around time. I would strongly recommend her editorial services and I look forward to a time when I can work with her again.”

Cedar J. Lockheart, author of “Skinwalker”

“In running Moon Books Publishing I know the value of a good proofreader and editor. Christina is a proven author who has released over 30 books, so she knows the ins and outs of writing. I’ve discovered that not only is she witty, bright and verbose in her writing, but she is also meticulous and professional in her proofreading and editing skills. You won’t find a more professional proofreader and editor than Christina. That is why I will ALWAYS choose her to handle proofreading and editing at Moon Books Publishing.”

Brandon Mullins, publisher, CEO Moon Books Publishing

“Christina performed a fantastic editing service for my novel. I was blown away by the pace she worked at, her accuracy, and the improvements she made. It would be no understatement to say she went above and beyond what I expected and was incredible value for the more than reasonable cost for her services. I look forward to using Christina again in the future as I know I’ll be in safe hands.”

Steve McElhenny, author of “Avenging Aranis”

Feel free to email or message me via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to make inquiries!


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    • Glenda Younger

    • 3 years ago

    Christina Engela is an enormously talented writer and editor. Horror Anthology V is an impressive work and a showcase of Christina’s editing prowess. I am sure that authors will be pleased with her ideas, corrections, and suggestions, as well as her pricing.
    This lady is amazing!