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Fox Releases Extended Trailer for Gotham TV Series

Before Bruce Wayne became BatMan, he was a kid coming to grips with his parents murder. Before Gordon was the commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department he was a young detective paired with fellow detective Harvey Bullock investigating the high profile murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne.

Fox may have a hit on their hands here. Unlike Smallville where fans waited ¬†and pined for Clark Kent to put on the tights, Gotham will not suffer from such fan desires as Bruce Wayne is a long way from becoming BatMan. Gotham will be more of a story about Gotham the city than the BatMan. BatMan and his rogue gallery will be present in foreshadowing, which I think will be very interesting as it won’t give fans a feeling of being part of a bait and switch.


Gordon and Bruce Wayne

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